Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Final Post

This post will be my final post. This is the six-month mark since my fiance ASH first wrote to me, and as such, a fitting day on which to cease my blogging.

Viva Cristo Rey!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Vehicular Phenomenon, or, The Convenience of Modern Technology Re-examined

I've made an interesting observation recently. Although I do not have my own car, I am from time to time able to borrow a car from some very gracious friends who live near the college. I feel so free in that car! "At last," I sigh to myself, as I climb behind the steering wheel and settle into my faded blue, twelve-year-old, Nissan Quest hotrod van. "Now I can get stuff done." Wondering to myself how I usually manage at all without my own vehicle, I think of all those chores I can zip through in my state of enhanced mobility.

Yet what do I actually manage to accomplish? I waste my afternoons running unimportant errands that somehow take up hours of my time and yet accomplish very little. And during those in-between days when I am unable to acquire the car, I somehow seem to do fine, even without unrestricted access to a quicker means of transportation than my own legs. I find myself wasting gas driving from place to place on campus--and for those of you who've seen our miniscule campus, you know how ridiculous that is. How is it that when I don't have the ability to get places by car, I seem to have plenty of time to get there by foot? Why is that when I don't have the car in which to accomplish millions of tiny errands, I don't seem to have any errands to accomplish?

Just a thought.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Headship & Submission

Not my thoughts, but another's: read Danielle Bean for one wife's perspective on submission to her husband. Amen, sister.

New Blog

Always like to give business to my former classmates! If you're interested in more Traditional Catholicism from the viewpoint of a Christendom grad and seminarian, please visit Lingulaca.

Wedding update: For those of you who are interested, ASH and I have settled on October 15th.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Publishing the Banns

Alright, well, since O.O. already spilled the beans I may as well own up: yes, I am engaged to marry the wonderful man pictured below.

He is known to the O.O. from their college days together at Yale. Some of the more observant readers may recognize his initials, ASH, which have come up from time to time on our respective blogs.

Because of our courtship and engagement, I have been blogging a great deal less. Also, I intend to cease blogging upon entrance into the Sacrament of marriage. Renewing the culture only comes about through action in real life, from which blogging detracts. However, I must say I have received encouragement from encountering the many traditionalists out there in the "blogosphere."

We have not yet set a date, although the O.O. was perfectly correct in guessing that our first choice for a Latin Nuptial Mass are the Canons. Please pray for us and our preparation for receiving the holy Sacrament of Matrimony.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Fantastic New Blog

I'm very excited--every time I turn around it seems like there's another new traditionalist popping up--it's almost enough to make me an optimist. In the case of this blog, there's two: GFvonB and W are two articulate and intelligent radtrads posting on their new blog, Traditio in Radice. I highly recommend checking them out. They're planning "to assemble a comprehensive compendium on the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Source and Summit of Catholicism. What [they]’d like to do is thoroughly go over the Church’s teachings and actions in regard to the Holy Liturgy, and produce a clear, comprehensive, cross-referenced, and commentated work that Catholics (and especially Traditionalists) can turn to for solid information." They're asking for help in compiling information.

And congratulations to W on his recent marriage!

Cute Little Girl Story

Since I'm out in Ohio, vacationing at my friend TMF's house, I get to steal a page from her book and relate a "cute little Chinese girl" incident in the grand tradition of Destination: Order.

After dinner yesterday evening, Number Three Daughter Amy was intent upon enlisting her long-suffering mother in yet another arduous game. "C'mon Mama, get up!" was the importunate demand, as she scrambled out of her high chair and over to her mother's side. Pig-tales flopping, she communicated her impatience through restless bouncing.

"Oh, honey," was the apologetic but matter-of-fact reply, "Mama's not going anywhere. She's pretty much anchored to this chair right now."

"Whoops!" exclaimed Amy, running around her mother's chair to conduct an examination. After diagnosing the cause of immobility, Amy commenced pushing with all her might in an effort to dislodge the recalcitrant part. Mrs. F. wisely remained rooted. At her advice, Amy switched from pushing to pulling, although this produced as disappointing a result. The two older girls watching this scene scarcely attempted to muffle their laughter. Becoming aware that there was assistance available nearby, Amy entreated, "Help Mama, Help Mama! Help her out of the chair."

Informed that all three of her elders were stuck sitting down, she ran from her mother to me, asking my help with the former, and from me to TMF, asking her help with both of us. Finally, she resorted to kisses and a sweet-voiced request, combined with judiciously applied physical pressure and exaggerated groans of effort. Unable any longer to resist her sincere efforts to un-stick us, we yielded at last. The table had to be cleared anyway.